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My name is Michael Raspantini, and I am a registered Independent. I have been an active member of the Huntington community since childhood and have always been committed to making positive changes in our community. When I went out into the community to speak with many of you, what was expressed to me was an increasingly growing concern and unhappiness with the direction our present Town Board has taken our community.  We are overcrowded, over taxed and over regulated. So many of my peers have been forced to leave our community because they want to own a home to raise their family in. Others have left because of general dissatisfaction with how our Town government operates, or rather, malfunctions, all at the expense of the citizen. Others have come to me complaining that corruption runs rampant at Town Hall, touching organizations and businesses throughout the area that seek to privatize public resources. Top elected officials are directing their staff to photograph and intimidate citizens who publicly voice their own opinions at town board meetings, and show up unsolicited to citizens homes at night. This is not democracy! It's time to elect someone who actually cares about this town and all of you. As a 12-year business owner, I am certainly not afraid of hard work, and understand much more than most the crucial elements of dedication required to deliver my guarantees. Electing me on November 7th for Town Supervisor will be the required change to finally return this government back to the People. 


Michael Raspantini

Michael's Party Line 

End Corruption in Huntington

Is on the ballot for Election Day

November 7th 2017

Vote for Mike and return

Huntington to its People 

Michael Raspantini

"Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer."

Michael Raspantini

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the independent candidate for huntington town supervisor

Independent Candidate for

Huntington Town Supervisor 

Let's Make Huntington A Place

We can All Call Home...Again

Michael Raspantini

Michael Raspantini

John F. Kennedy

Michael Raspantini