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the independent candidate for huntington town supervisor

  • Halt "big business" developers from taking up our open spaces for high density, overpriced housing.
  • Halt waterway congestion and the proposed commuter ferries to Huntington Harbor, while protecting beach associations and public access to all waterways.
  • Preserve and protect all open space land that sits directly over the Long Island aquifer. 
  • Return Huntington Station to the "destination community" it once was. 
  • Make term limits a reality.  
  • Close the looming 2-million dollar revolving budget deficit, a serious problem that has not been solved in over 5 years
  • End the 2PM Town Board meetings and keep all meetings at 7PM so as to stop the disenfranchisement of the working people. 
  • Provide LIVE televised broadcasting of all Town meetings so as to increase transparency and give citizens immediate access to the goings on of Town government from the comfort of their own homes. 
  • Put forth legislation to abolish permit requirements and fees for residential rental properties.
  • Test, remediate and preserve all of Huntington's waters, both our drinking water and the waters in our harbors, salt marshes and natural waterways.  

Michael A. Raspantini is a lifetime resident of Huntington, who grew up in Cold Spring Harbor and graduated from Huntington High School in 1999. Michael and his sister Alisa were raised in a hard-working, Italian-American household by parents who understood and practiced core “can-do” family values, and stand as an example of the true "self-made" American success story.

Following in the entrepreneurial footsteps of his parents, Michael founded his first corporation a year and a half after graduating from Hofstra University in 2003 and one year after beating stage 3 cancer. Since 2005, Michael's companies have contracted with Fortune 500, governmental and educational firms, providing professional multi-media, Communications and Public Relations services to each.

Michael has collaborated with people from all walks of life, from A-list Hollywood celebrities and high-level corporate executives to small business owners and students on their journey toward success. Michael understands first hand the challenges and importance of local and small business, and it’s impact on our community at large.

Michael received the Young Professional 30 Under 30 Award from the Huntington Chamber of Commerce in 2012, graduated from the Leadership Huntington Flagship Program in 2013, and in 2016, co-founded People for World Peace a 501(c)(3) not for profit registered in the State of New York.

Early this year Michael expanded his business into the real estate market, investing corporate dollars locally in Huntington. 

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Michael Raspantini

-Michael Raspantini

“So many people my age have left this wonderful place as they simply cannot afford to stay here to raise and educate their children. Millennials are saying that they cannot look forward to buying a home and settling here, as their parents did, the costs being far too great. I am running for the office of Town Supervisor of Huntington to reverse this epidemic and to stop the out of control urban-sprawl that was created here, which appears to have become our community’s sole source of economic growth.”

-Michael Raspantini

“I am not running for Huntington Town Supervisor for fame or fortune; I am not retiring from my current career to run for office, nor am I a career politician setting myself up to retire, rather, I am here to give some of the best years of my life to work as hard as I can for the betterment and preservation of this wonderful place.”  

Michael's Campaign Focus